a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

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Orange is the New Black: a summary

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"Actions that seem only selfish can often look selfless from the other side, no matter how warped that viewpoint is. Consider this: Homeland rarely utilizes point-of-view filmmaking, meant to place us literally inside a character’s head. But it does here. Carrie looks down at her baby. What would it be to be the mother of this child? And, then, as her daughter slips beneath the water, we switch to the infant’s point of view. What would it be to be the child of this mother? Homeland is all but daring us to identify with Carrie’s decision, to push our empathy so far it nearly snaps. And then it reminds us of the horrors present in her choice, lets us see how she might consider what she is doing to be somehow merciful.” —Libby Hill
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To make myself put a name to the thing I’ve lost. But what’s the use?
It’s gone.
He’s gone.
Whatever existed between us is gone.
All that’s left is my promise to kill Snow. I tell myself this ten times a day.

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